Hasbro admits Left-Wing Agenda is Why G.I.Joe is Going Away!
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Author:  ⚡ Kal-El ⚡ [ Thu Mar 24, 2016 6:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hasbro admits Left-Wing Agenda is Why G.I.Joe is Going A

skinny wrote:
Link is dead.
(sorry Zelda fans.)

That means that Vinne D'Alleva or Kirk Bozigian deleted his comment. Which is a little late to the party because the article had over 2,000 facebook shares on the first day we posted his comments.

Author:  ⚡ Kal-El ⚡ [ Fri Mar 25, 2016 4:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hasbro admits Left-Wing Agenda is Why G.I.Joe is Going A

Let me clarify all the details of how this article came about. I am friends with Kirk Bozigian on Facebook. He shared a link to the current #savegijoe campaign. The first reply to that campaign was from former Hasbro employee Vinnie D'Alleva who made the statement below. He was responding to the fans campaign to save gijoe. Now my personal opinion from observation of gijoe since the Rise of Cobra Movie, has been that Hasbro does 'NOT' think that ARAH can sell, because it is not politically correct in the current US Environment. The brand eliminated 'red white and blue' from the logo and created a non-affiliated 'global' logo that they used for Rise of Cobra. They also made the team a unit of international military personal and changed the bios of all of the main characters accept for Duke and Ripcord. Then, they followed that up with the, 'Pursuit of Cobra' line which again used a marketing campaign that did not promote 'ARAH' but a new non-affiliated 'global' logo. Finally, Hasbro and Paramount released 'Retaliation' which went yet another direction. Rather than having the team be straight 'military' they were all 'ninjas' even Roadblock. Now, Mr D'Alleva who did work on the line for 4 years says that parents are not going to buy 'masked terrorist' characters. If you notice, outside of one or two characters most if not all of the 'villains' in Retaliation were 'Ninja' related.

I say all that to say, mabee i have a bias, but looking at the evidence Hasbro has done everything they can for the past 6 years or so to morph G.I.Joe into something that is 'NOT' a straight military toy or Good guys vs Terrorists toy. Now the reason for that is they obviously feel that the PC crowd is not going to buy these types of toys for their children.

Now, Hasbro is taking the brand back to reboot again, and I can guarantee you when it comes back its not going to be a good guys vs terrorists toy anymore. It may not even be US Military anymore either. I MAY be totally off base, if i am, please feel free to show me the evidence that points away from what i am saying.

Also, i did make the mistake of not 'screengrabbing' Mr. D'Alleva's post on Kirk Bozigian's facebook page, however, the context in which he posted it seems to mean that it was in response to the fan base wanting to petition hasbro to #savegijoe.

Vinnie D'Alleva While I worked on this brand for 4 years and loved every minute of it, there is a harsh reality to acknowledge: that there is actually a real war going on with American heroes and nameless masked terrorists. What once was fantasy has become reality. Until a new, fictional nemesis can be created I fear parents looking at Cobra will only see Isis - and THAT, gentlemen won't sell.

Author:  ⚡ Kal-El ⚡ [ Fri Mar 25, 2016 4:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hasbro admits Left-Wing Agenda is Why G.I.Joe is Going A

Let me add, that if i was ever able to submit questions to hasbro directly or attend a hasbro q&a i these are the types of questions i would ask them. I would want to know do they think that ARAH is viable anymore? Is their primary objective to figure out a way to create a brand new intellectual property for gijoe that moves it away from being a military toy. Do they feel that 'Cobra' is not something that is a viable iteration to use as an antagonist to gijoe going forward due to the current political climate.

If they answered any of those questions, it would pretty much either open the door or close the door to future ARAH related products. Which is really at the heart of why most fans are irritated at Hasbro right now.

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