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If I met with Henry Golding 
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 If I met with Henry Golding
Let's say that Henry Golding came to me and said "i want to be in your film."
I am talking about of course, "G.I.Joe Flashback", the film that will never be.

Here is how I picture that meeting going.

Before I say anything though, I do not know the script for Snake Eyes other than what was rumored online. I don't know what kind of character the writers are going to create. Snake Eyes 2020 I do believe, especially with this casting news, is going to be a characterization we have never seen. It all depends on how they want Henry to act. If they want to do something similar to the Rock as Roadblock with him, then we are going to see Henry on screen, not Hama Snake Eyes on screen.

Alright so here we go with the fantasy situation.

Henry walks into the restaurant ( I always have meetings in restaurants because you know... tax deductible for the people I hire.)

I motion him over to the table where I am sitting with the DP and the CoProducer.

" I wanted to go over a few things with you before we hire you."
He gives me a puzzled look because he is of course the most wanted man in Hollywood.
"We saw you last night on The Tonight Show cutting hair and well we know you are super charismatic, the ladies love you, and you can act. What we want to know is, can you play this role?"
Snake Eyes, first of all is not the main character in G.I.Joe Flashback. Are you ok with that?"

Henry nods "Sure I just love the story and want to be a part of this."

"You have no lines even though this is before your accident in the timeline of the history of Snake Eyes, are you ok with that?"

Henry shifts a bit in the booth and again smiles and says "You bet. I want to support indie film makers."

" Alright then. We have a couple stunts with you. I can't hire afford to hire a stunt double for everyone but we will try to get you a double. The end battle is pretty intense."
The DP chimes in.
"What I want to do is hide your face as much as possible, you are a man of mysterious nature so you won't have a whole lot of actual full on facial recognition. We will hide your eyes with the boonie hat, shoot you from behind etc."

"Sounds perfect for the character as you want to portray him." Henry says.

The co-producer speaks.
" This role will really challenge you as an actor. You are going to have to be something you haven't done before. You are going to have to be brooding, sullen, dark, but still humorous and likable."

"Got it covered." He grins.

"I want you to read all of the G.I.Joe comics with Snake Eyes appearances. That is most of the 155 issues but I will want you to read issues 21. 26. 27, 42, 155, and 90-100 several times. Those are the key issues. For a contrast to the comic I want you to see G.I.Joe Resolute (focusing on your character only the rest is.. well as Larry put it. Wrong. For a comedic take you will need to watch The Pyramid of Darkness, study his straight man to Shipwreck's comedy role. I want you to know his story inside and out even though you really only get a few minutes at best of screen time in Flashback. I want you to also read up on his connection to Zartan. It goes to show his character and his lack of need for revenge. This is going to be a lot different than your Paramount role. We want you to be the man that Scarlett falls in love with."

"Do you have any questions?"

Henry smirks.
"When do we start?"

The DP turns to me and says "Should we make him dye his hair blond?"

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