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Get the skinny on Love Death and Robots 
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 Get the skinny on Love Death and Robots
Love Death and Robots

Take yourself back to the nineties when MTV had a little show called “Liquid Television.” It showcased animated shorts and a series or two, most notably “Aeon Flux.” I had a definite “Heavy Metal” vibe as I was watching. Heavy Metal was a series of animated features all in one long movie. Each story was connected to a mysterious orb. I felt a similarity mainly based on the styles and content.

Fast forward now to the present, thirty some years later and Netflix has adopted the format of cramming several animated shorts into one series.

Instead of following the usual half hour format or to be more precise, the 22 minute format, Love Death and Robots takes as much time as needed to tell the story and does not limit the writers to a certain amount of time. Each of the eighteen episodes has a different length suitable to tell the complete story. There are also no ratings to each story and as such, nudity profanity, and violence are present. These are not cartoons, they are animated shorts and definitely for adults.

There are some definite stand outs among the eighteen episodes and everyone will have their own favorites. You may watch them in order or you can pick at random, it will not matter as there is no connection between any one story.
Here are the eighteen episodes: ... =tt_ov_epl

“Sonnie’s Edge” is a story about a futuristic fighter who is mentally connected to the gladiator.

“Three Robots” has you joining in on a post apocalyptic robot tour of a human city.

“The Witness” will have you on the edge of your seat as you run for your life from a murderer.

“Suits” is good old fashioned mech action.

“Sucker of Souls” takes you on a vampire castle exploration.

“When the Yogurt Took Over” is a tale of, well, yogurt taking over. The narrator is Maurice LaMarche who you may know better as Brain from Animaniacs,

“Beyond the Aguila Rift” is a horror space exploration story that will evoke feelings of Alien and other space based exploration horror tales.

“Good Hunting” is a fantastic tale set in ancient China. As the city evolves and becomes industrialized, a man and a mystical creature are soon trapped amongst the progress.

“The Dump” is literally a campfire tale set in a junkyard complete with a junkyard dog named Otto.

“Shape Shifters” is set in a modern day battlefield with some unusual soldiers.

“Helping Hand” is a much darker twisted take on extra vehicular activity and being stranded in outer space.

“Fish Night” follows the experience of two salesmen whose car breaks down in the desert.

“Lucky 13” brings in the jets, like “Starship Troopers”, “Resident Evil” and “Edge of Tomorrow”, somebody has to fly the troops to the battle. this is the tale of one such pilot and her craft, Lucky 13.

“Zima Blue” takes you along with a reporter who is writing a story on a very prolific artist who works with the color blue.

“Blind Spot” is another robot based tale with three vagabonds who have a mission. An exciting chase sequence.

“Ice Age” combines animation and live action as a couple who has recently moved in finds an old refrigerator with a tiny civilization inside that goes through an entire evolutionary cycle in the span of a couple days.

“Alternate Histories asks the question what if traveling back in time you could see different timelines and their results. The first chapter? What if Hitler died before World War 2.

“The Secret War” takes you to Siberia and the tale of soldiers who find a massacred village. They track down who caused the carnage only to find monsters.

I was more drawn to the space tales than most of the other series with the exception of “Good Hunting.”

All of the stories have impeccable smooth animation, talented voice actors, and well written stories.

The nice thing is you don’t have to binge watch it, although you probably will wind up watching all 18 episodes because you just want more.
A season two is already planned.

From best to..least best:

Good Hunting
The Witness
Lucky 13
Beyond the Aguila Rift
Three Robots
Blind Spot
Sonnie’s Edge
Sucker of Souls
Shape Shifters
The Secret War
Helping Hand
Zima Blue
Ice Age
Fish Night
When The Yogurt Took Over
Alternate Histories
The Dump

Mature audiences only:

Interview with Tim Miller at SXSW:

_________________ ... jMATv1_JGg
Mupnoks and more to see here! Always something new coming it just takes a while.

Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:59 pm
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Post Re: Get the skinny on Love Death and Robots
Need to check this out


Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:59 pm
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Post Re: Get the skinny on Love Death and Robots
this looks fascinating and i wouldn't have even known about it had you not done this review. Another winner skinny!


Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:22 am
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Post Re: Get the skinny on Love Death and Robots
Great pic! There’s no such as luck. I'm old-fashioned player and I like ld-fashioned games. All those fancy stuff are not for me! But I kinda like Video slot games and playing for free what is in dog toothpaste.

Sat Apr 13, 2019 12:31 pm
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